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Sanjit Bhattacharya

President of Red Stone Resources llc

About me

Sanjit Bhattacharya is a business owner and developer of real estate from Edmond, Oklahoma. Before moving into real estate in 2000, he worked in marketing. Today, he is the president and founder of Red Stone Resources. He is also a key player in many other companies, including STK Homes.

Bhattacharya has been building businesses for more than 25 years. The business owner went to Cameron University in Lawton, Oklahoma, and often speaks at conferences and events in his field.

Current Role & Duties

Bhattacharya started the oil and gas company Red Stone Resources and is now its president. He is also one who started the companies STK Homes and Red Stone Renewables. The well-known businessman is also involved in STK Development, STK Construction, Affinity Investments, JDM Developments, Arzoo & Associates, Elegance in Stone, Shakti Energy, and STK Financials others.

The Red Stone Company

Sanjit Bhattacharya, the company's president and founder, set up the oil and gas company Red Stone Resources in 2007. Mineral rights are the main thing the company buys and sells. Red Stone Resources has grown a lot under Bhattacharya's expert guidance. The company's main office is in Edmond, Oklahoma, where he grew up. There are also offices in Pennsylvania and Texas.

Bhattacharya and his team at Red Stone Resources are committed to excellence and honesty, and they share their success with their business partners. The company keeps looking for and buying new oil and gas assets to keep up with growing demand and give clients the service they've come to expect from Bhattacharya's team.

Homes STK

Bhattacharya owns a part of STK Homes with his wife. STK Homes is a company in Oklahoma that builds affordable, high-quality homes. Under its current owners, STK Homes offers high-quality, well-designed homes in Oklahoma's best communities and school districts. The company is known for having great customer service, which is one of Bhattacharya's primary goals.

Entrepreneur Bhattacharya owns both STK Homes and STK Construction, a building company that works with STK Homes. In 2004, he set up STK Construction. STK Homes built more than 200 new homes in 2022. STK Construction is now one of the best home builders in the region. Its headquarters are in the middle of Oklahoma.

In the meantime, the business owner is still very involved in many other projects. Some of the other closely related businesses are affinity Investments, Arzoo & Associates, Elegance in Stone, JDM Developments, and Shakti Energy. Red Stone Renewables is a company that makes energy from rocks.

Red Stone Renewables is another of Sanjit Bhattacharya's most important businesses, along with Red Stone Resources and STK Homes. Red Stone Renewables looks into the best places to put renewable energy projects on land. It does this in the lower 48 states of the United States, where more than a gigawatt of utility-scale projects are in the works.

Bhattacharya and his team at Red Stone Renewables have worked closely with a wide range of industry-leading institutions in many different energy fields for over a decade. Since its start in 2012, the privately owned and family-run business has stuck to three core values. The three central values are excellence, honesty, and success for everyone.

Red Stone Renewables is set up for substantial growth thanks to Bhattacharya and his team of experts in the field who work for the company. This is because the company keeps building solar, wind, and other renewable energy projects all over the country. In this way, and in line with its values, the company remains committed to sharing its continued success with stakeholders, local communities, landowners, and others.

History of Work

Sanjit Bhattacharya's decades-long career began in marketing. He was a partner in the Horizons Group before he worked at Red Stone Renewables, STK Homes, and other places. In 2000, Bhattacharya left his marketing job and became a part of the Horizons Group. This was his first job in real estate. In 2004, he quit the Horizons Group to start his own home-building business, STK Construction.

Since then, Bhattacharya has become a leader in Edmond and the rest of Oklahoma regarding business and real estate development. Today, he is known worldwide for his work with STK Homes, Red Stone Resources, Red Stone Renewables, Affinity Investments, and Shakti Energy, among other businesses.

History in school

Sanjit went to Cameron University, a public school in Lawton, Oklahoma, and got his degree there. Its degree programs focus on science, technology, and professional studies. Bhattacharya's father used to teach at Cameron University on a variety of topics related to money.

People love the university for how different it is and how different people learn there. Its teachers care about their students' success and make their education their top priority at every stage of the learning process. Bhattacharya has a degree in business administration from Cameron University in Lawton.

Skills for the Workplace

Sanjit Bhattacharya knows a lot about starting a business, buying and selling real estate, and using renewable energy. He is also an expert in oil and gas, construction, and financial investments. He has been building successful businesses for more than 25 years. As a result, he often speaks at conferences and other events, such as the global Energy Council.

The Energy Council's membership network puts senior executives in touch with people who work in finance and investments. It helps people get access to capital and make deals, and it has over 100,000 members all over the world. The Energy Council puts on a variety of networking events, such as conferences that are known around the globe, receptions, dinners, and digital experiences.


As the president and founder of Red Stone Resources, Bhattacharya often speaks at events by groups like the Global Energy Council. This is true even though he is also a key player in STK Homes, Red Stone Renewables, and many other businesses.

Under Bhattacharya's expert guidance, Red Stone Resources and its predecessors have bought and sold a lot of minerals and non-op interests since 2007. In the process, they have built up a solid track record of success.

Charitable Involvement

Sanjit Bhattacharya is very involved in several important charities, nonprofit groups, and other good causes in his personal life.

Interests of one's own

Sanjit is just as passionate about his many hobbies and other interests as he is about his work. He also does a lot of good things for other people.

These hobbies and interests include cooking, reading, listening to music, and staying fit. Bhattacharya also likes to spend time outside with his family at their home in the suburbs of Oklahoma City, in the middle of the so-called Sooner State.